Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Why a Blog?

After last night's parent and community consultation evening a few of us were discussing updating the website and other ways of best communicating what's going on with BSF, and we came up with the idea of a blog (amongst other things).

We thought some of the joys of using a blog were:

  • readers will be able to go back through the archives to follow the story.
  • it's relatively simple for me to update regularly without having to turn to our friendly Web Designer for help every time it needs changing.
  • it's available for anyone to look at at any time. Not depending on "pupil post" is always a good thing.
  • it will allow people to comment and for me to answer queries for all to see.
  • it should be a more informal and personal way of giving up to date information.
Of course the down side is that I'll have to remember to do it frequently enough to keep people interested, but I promise I'll try.

The idea is that we'll keep the blog running throughout the BSF process. If Governors decide not to proceed with the project at the end of November, then it will be a very short blog. If they do sign up, this blog will run for around three years. My blog will be very much about the bricks, mortar (actually more likely to be Corten - more of which later) and services side of BSF. We plan to set up a partner blog about the creative process, which will be written by Helen Wood, our Specialism Co-ordinator.

I hope to remain as balanced and neutral as possible, because I think that's my job and it's a job I enjoy and want to keep. I will be honest, though, and there will be things that I cannot discuss at times due to confidentiality or other sensitivities, so please bear with me.

Keep an eye on the website for additional updates and parents, keep checking your children's bags for letters and copies of Spotlight.