Thursday, 15 November 2007

A quick update

Just a quick update as I want to keep in the habit of posting every 2/3 days.

The date for Governor sign-up has been moved as we know that there are certain aspects of the plans that won't be "approvable" by November 28th. The proposals may be better, but we won't have had the opportunity to consult fully.

We're therefore aiming for Governors to meet on December 12th, with Parent/Community consultation possibly on the 6th December.

I'm currently awash with paper. Documents are coming in thick and fast. Tonight we're meeting the independent solicitors that have been engaged to act on behalf of the Governing Body, so anything legal generates paper, although their comments are very user friendly. I'm also preparing paperwork to send out to staff who are likely to be transferred (meeting this time next week). Large papers on ICT, FM and Design & Build have also pinged into my inbox. So enough of this blogging, let paper shuffling commence!

Meeting Count 2/11/07 - 15/11/07 - Eleven and a celebration.

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