Sunday, 25 November 2007

Jumping on Lilos

I've likened BSF to jumping on a lilo. You iron out one area and another pops up. We had a really positive (small) Design and Build meeting on Friday, but I'm now worried about the Facilities Management (FM) strand. This strand had been pretty steady for ages, but I was sent the report for Governors through the other day and discovered a few areas where there were either major omissions or where the contents were concerning. The scheduled FM meeting on Friday was cancelled, so my concerns were dispatched via e-mail. Here's a list of things that still need sorting. Hold on tight - it's pretty scary:
  • Landscaping
  • Decant and Phasing
  • TUPE
  • Legal agreements
  • Elevations
  • Room Data Sheets
  • The "Semi-Frozen Scheme" versus the "Governors Scheme"
  • FM - the Variant Bid
  • FM - phasing of interim service
  • Student consultation


  • The ICT bid (as far as possible - although Governors have yet to agreed the offer)

There are other areas that aren't yet resolved, such as parental consultation, but where we at least know where we're heading.

We're supposed to have all the above resolved in time for the Governors' Meeting on December 12th. Will we manage it? I can hardly bear the tension! It seems there's loads of lilo jumping to do.

On a completely separate note I was doing my regular bout of volunteering at a local community bookshop on Saturday, and was introduced to a customer who just happens to be a Learning Trust lawyer dealing with BSF. We spent an entertaining couple of minutes chatting about it, but there is no escape. BSF is everywhere.

Meeting Count 2/11/07 - 23/11/07 - Seventeen

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